⬆️⬆️ In my Darwin NT Australia Rum Jungle farms animals prepare to be slaughtered.


⬆️⬆️ Cattle after slaughtering in the abattior in Rum Jungle NT Darwin Australia


A new packaging for CAG 100% Australian Beef Mince. Come with  eight Individually wrapped.


Our abattior in ViC Valley did contract slaughter for korban for 3 organisation.

We salughter cattle and sheep.


New packaging by our facilities in Melbourne Australia for local and export market.



Diamond Fork Catering & Nutrition our facility at Mina, Saudi Arabia.


The honorable Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia visited our premises for better understanding of our operation and further future engagement with partners in Indonesia.



Our Abattoir Rum Jungle in Darwin NT Australia has just started operations this month of May after closing due to wet sesson.


We also hosted the delegation from Vietnam, Northern Territory Vietnam Business Council (NTVBC) Members led by Mr. MS Nguyen Thanh HA – Vietnam Consul General in WA & NT at RUM JUNGLE.


We also welcomed Mr Andy Hopkins a prominent bussinessman in Asia Pacific with vast investment and owns few public listed company in Australia.

We are on the midst of discussion with their interest to slaughter Camel by utilizing our abattior for the slaughtering as our facility are capable to provide this services.





Today morning groceries shopping at Aeon Mall Setia City Centre, Shah Alam.



Be sure to stop by our sales team’s booth at Gulf Foods next week. You can find them at Hall 4, Stand Number A4-44. Our team will be available to provide assistance in any manner possible.




Our new butcher shop open today for business.


Our new shop in Melbourne opens today for customer.


Our school got a rating of 4 by JKM after evaluating the school Congratulations to the director and staff.



El Bambino Montessori an associate of Tadmansori having a graduation and concert day for the children.





Alhamdulillah Rum Jungle team 2023 . Some of them have left today we organize christmas new year and end of season bbq with the team.

Next week will be shutdown period.


Today, Signing ceremony between Tadmansori Holdings Sdn Bhd and Evo Air Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

For manufacturing of environmental friendly air condition (no carbon emission).







Our 3rd butcher shop Central Meat & Co in Melbourne, Victoria Street Brunswik will be selling all our meat, brand Gippsland Pure Angus Beef, Rum Jungle Free Range Beef, CAG 100% Aussie Beef, 1892 Lamb, Low Carbon Beef and Uralla Wagyu Brand.

This 3rd shop is next to a Basfood Direct Supermarket.

It will be open in December 2023.



From the recent Chief Minister award , we are now representing NT state fot the national award .

We have been selected to compete with other industry players from different state.

It will be end of this month at Canberra for the ceremony.



Our montessori Al BAMBINO’s children celebrated Deepavali.

This is to educate them to be tolerance with other races, culture, religion and celebrations in the country as Malaysia is unique unity in diversity is the way of our life.



Our new product from CAG Camberfield factory Melbourne Australia.


Our Rum Jungle abattior in Darwin NT Autralia is the only slaughter house which slaughter and export buffalo meat



14 October 2023 – Our abattior in NT Australia Rum Jungle Meat Export won the Cheif Minister Export Award 2023.

Food and Beverage award Our MD Mr Qusyairi Al-Zubaidin received the award on the group’s behalf.

“Good day everyone, i believe we are truely humble to receive this award from the Territory Government. We are here to support the local and trying to export and feed the world throughout the Nothern Territory Gateway. And i hope we can together strive and help the economy grow. Thank you”.



Flavorista selangkah usaha untuk membekalkan produk jenama Flavorista ke rangkaian Pasaraya Mydin.

Majlis Pelancaran Bangga Buatan Lokal bersempena dengan Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia.

Majlis disempurnakan oleh YB Datuk Rohaizi, Pengarah Kanan Sektor Perdagangan, Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Kos Sara Hidup

Bersama Datuk Wira Haji Dr. Ameer Ali Mydin, Pengarah Urusan Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.



27 Sept 2023 – antara syarikat terpilih untuk ‘final picthing’ bagi memasarkan produk keluaran Flavorista ke Pasaraya Mydin di seluruh negara. Semoga semuanya lancar!





This is our rum jungle NT Darwin Australia abattior halal slaughtering.



Visit from Malaysia Consulate Officials
Alhamdullah they were very impressed with the Halal & Hygiene practices.



Cattle at our yard in our Ram Jungle Farm Darwin NT Australia ready to be slaugtered at our abattior there.



Visit by Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Founder of Berjaya Corporation Berhad to Flavorista team at MejaTalk session (seller & buyer)

Great session and thank you for sharing with FAMA Malaysia entrepreneurs about the possibility of What’s Next.



5 July 2023 -Tadmansori Holdings subsidiary director Tengku Mohammed Hafiz visited the new facilities of CAG in Melbourne Australia.





At CAG facility in Melbourne Australia



Our abattior at VicValley Melbourne Australia are slaughtering animals for Korban(sacrifice during the haj period) for our Singapore Muslim clients and for local Australian Muslim clients.

May your sacrifice be accepted and rewarded by Allahswt Amiin. We are slaugtering about 150 heads.



19 June 2023 – We only slaughter cattle for last week.this week we will slaughter buffaloes at Rum Jungle Abbatior Darwin NT Australia operations.


Slaughtered animals prepare for deboning and packaging.



1- Cattle and buffaloes at the yard before slaughtering Rum Jungle Abattoir Darwin NT Australia.

2- Slaughtering and dehide

3- Deboning before packing

4- Pack in the boxes for freezing and delivering to customers both local and export






1 April 2023 – Our Rum Jungle Abattior NT Australia are slaugtering both cattle and buffalo for the domestic market and for export. The slaugtering is done on altenate days.







29 MARCH 2023 – Our new food processing facilities in Melbourne Australia.

This facilities will produce small goods and lamb processing both for local and export market. CAG Hq will also be located on the 1st floor.

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