22 March 2023 – We are deboning the carcass at Rum Jungle abattior NT Darwin Australia and we also sell the whole slaugter animals to the butchers locally.

This year we hope to sell more slaughter carcasses than we deboning and sell in the boxes.

20 March 2023 – Today our abattior Rum Jungle in Northern Territory Australia started operations after closing for the wet seasons for 5 months. We started slaugthering today.


Sesi menandatangani perjanjian persefahaman antara Flavorista dan rakan niaga dari Philippines bagi membekalkan variasi produk makanan & minuman halal Flavorista di sana. Perbincangan lanjut & peluang-peluang usaha sama turut dikongsikam oleh Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor & Datuk Dr. Tengku Rehthwan Tengku Mansor.

28 Januari 2023 – Weekend tiba lagi! Temui team *Flavorista* di Aeon Big Alamanda Putrajaya untuk merasai keenakan masakan menggunakan produk *Flavorista!* Sambil rasa, teruslah grab! Memasak jadi mudah dengan *Flavorista!*

23 Disember 2022 – Lawatan dari Tabung Haji Travels ke Flavorista bagi sesi uji rasa 14 jenis menu masakan menggunakan premix Flavorista bagi bekalan makanan jemaah haji tahun 2023 ke Arab Saudi.

Congratulations Nadiah Langkawi for the award by ministry of Tourism Malaysia


Our associate hotel being awarded for the 4th time running as the Best 3 star seaview resort hotel Langkawi by the ministry of tourism Malaysia.

Our associate El Bambino Montosseri activity in 2 of out outlets in Putrajaya year filled with knowledge and fun for our children and future generation.


Our associate company in Indonesia had started producing chicken after it stops for a while due to chicken flu.




Our rum jungle abattoir darwin NT Australia slaughtered 2 weeks of buffaloes in yhe month of november we export to korea and for local market


Penghantaran bekalan ke Kopi Klasik & Teh Tarik bagi jualan secara ‘live’ di platform Wowshop TV9 .

bersiaran secara langsung bagi promosi & penjualan Kopi Klasik & Teg Tarik. Dapatkan pakej harga promosi terus dari Wowshop dengan pembelian segera di pautan berikut :





6 Sept 2022 РHalal course with Jakim attended by other abbatoir that’s accredited with jakim. We attend myself hakan, our halal supervisor, halal slaughterman.





6 Sept 2022 – The group from selangor state government and the Malaysian consulate visited our Victoria Valley Abattoir Melbourne Australia to see our operations.




3 Sept 2022 – Our Mr Biryani outlet in Setiawangsa starting to expend their opening hours will be opened until 12.30 AM. Today is their first day the response is good.



28 August 2022 – We had one bull runner jump out in the farm we had to use a bull catcher to get it.

Apart from that we slaughtered buffaloes for four days this week and we fulfill to export 2 containers to Korea and 2 containers for domestic market.

We are also doing tallow this week and 1 container of hide to be exported to China.


26 August 2022 – Proses ‘service & merchandising’ produk di pasaraya bagi memastikan bekalan kepada pelanggan sentiasa tersedia. Kini jenama Flavorista berada di shelf supermarket sebagai salah satu pilihan bersama jenama-jenama terkenal!




15 August 2022 –

Update progress of the month

Last week we focused on delivering buffalo meat. Manage to deliver one load container to Korea and two loads container for domestic sales.

We also have received order for skins/ hides and in the process of collecting/salting of product.




15 August 2022 – Our Rum Jungle Abattior in Bachelor Darwin Northern Territory started Vacum Pack to supply to customers both for local and export market.





Chef Zam pun kata produk air tangan sedap!

Meriah melayan pelanggan di booth , – ( ), MAHA 2022!

Tinggal beberapa hari sahaja lagi!

Jumpa anda di sana!





FLAVORISTA siap sedia dikunjungi!

Jangan lepaskan peluang ke MAHA 2022!

Kalau datang, jom singgah ke booth , – (AB22)

Rebut peluang
harga terus dari kilang!

Banyak lagi aktiviti & produk yang wajib dibawa pulang!

Datang beramai-ramai tau!

Jumpa anda di sana!



Keluarga Flavorista di Lotus’s Ampang bertemu pelanggan setia bersempena kempen ” ” anjuran *Lotus & Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna*

Dapatkan produk terbaik terus dari kami pada harga istimewa!

Jumpa di sana!



*Flavorista* mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada *Suruhjaya Koperasi Malaysia* menjemput Flavorista sebagai rakan niaga sempena di *Hari Koperasi Negara* yang berlangsung di *Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center (MIECC)*

Para pengguna setia produk Flavorista tidak lepaskan peluang dapatkan pelbagai jenis produk masakan & minuman di sana!





27 July 2022 – Visit from Tabung Haji to Diamond Fork Kitchen.


17 July 2022 – Our Rum Jungle Abattoir Darwin Bachelor Northern Territory Australia started its operation in July after the wet season shut down. They slaughtered cattle and buffaloes and supply it to OLD,VIC and WA.


11 JULY 2022 – Human Appeal doing korban in our Victoria Valley Melbourne Abattoir for canning than distributes to the troubled Muslim world like Syria and the Pacific island.





Our Rum Jungle abattoir Batchelor Northern Territory Australia started its operations today slaughtering buffaloes after it was shut down for the wet seasons.



19 May 2022 – Flavorista Coffee and Tea.




Thread: 22.03.2022 (Tuesday): I received to my office a Malaysian delegation from the Buro’a Meat Packer, who are visiting to expand their presence in the country and bring more investment.

The meeting ended with mutual understanding on cooperation between


22 March 2022 – Our team in Somaliland met with the minister of livestock and fisheries. They discuss about the future of livestock export and other possibilities.They had a good discussion and hope to resolve few issues.



20 March 2022 – Our Australian and Malaysian team visiting our abattoir in Somaliland.


Hi Everyone!

S’lasih Padang & Asian Cuisine is happy to announce that our second Kiosk at Publika (Opposite Muscle Mania) is opening tomorrow onwards (8th March 2022). Come and have your lunch there! We have Nasi Lemak bungkus and some kuih muih for breakfast , Nasi Campur for lunch , and our special menu which is Mee Cili S’lasih

Operation hours from 830AM – 6PM

Hope to see you there!!
IG : @slasih.cuisine
FB : Slasih Cuisine

19 February 2022 РOur Victoria Valley Abattoir Melborne Australia is slaughtering Angus from our Gippsland farms grass fed and the meat which is produced have a high grade quality with its marbling quality as good as Wagyu Beef but it is selling cheaper than Wagyu as it is Angus Beef. It’s amazing quality



11 February 2022 – TAYYIB BURAO ABATTOIR in Somaliland had received conformity certificate from Horn of Africa livestock improvement and conformity services on HACCP Compliance and Halal Certification.



11 February 2022 – Kedai meatgrocer.com di buka di station MRT Putra Heights.



4 February 2022 – Our associates GoodGlove factory is producing for the European market and the Middle East market.

They have all the necessary approval and using SGS to check on their products.


3 February 2022 – Slasih Promo VT

14 January 2022 – Our abattoir in Somaliland received the approval from the UAE authority for HALAL and HACCP approval.

We have been operating there for more than 4 years we are exporting HALAL goats to OMAN and other middle eastern market.

We hope to export to Malaysia and Indonesia soon.we have applied for importing permits from the authority both countries.



12 January 2022 – Our Abbatoir and Meat Processing Activities in Somaliland.
1. Tayyib Burao Abbatoir Ltd (TBA), Somaliland started operation about four years ago with a slaughtering capacity of about 1800 sheeps a day.

Beside sheeps, the facility is also designed for the slaughering of both Cattle and Camel.

2. Tayyib Meat Processing Ltd (TMP), is our meat processing and cold storage facility situated near the TBA plant.
Currently, we distribute whole frozen sheep & goat carcasses to the local market and export them to Oman.

Both the facilities have already obtained Halal Certification from Somaliland and United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities.

We are now expanding our export base to other parts of the middle east and the asian market.

At the same time, efforts are being made in upgrading both the plants in anticipation of the increasing demand especially from the export market.




11 January 2022 – Our CAG small goods facilities at Brunswick, Melbourne Australia are producing small goods for local and export market. You can contact the following personal for your requirements and prices.

For Sales Desk details:

Subodh Sunawar
+61 403 069 706

Izmet Koyu
+61423 730 499

Food Service-
Tim Armour
+61432 017 224

USA & Canada
James Secold
+61 456 753 333

UK & Europe
Terry Johnston
+598 92 723 442

10 January 2022 – Central Agri Group (CAG)of Australia our associate owns more than 20000 acres of feed lots and adjistment facilities in Brand Hwy, Cataby, Western Australia at present there is more than 13000 heads of cattles on the facilities for adjistments and feedlot prior for them to be exported life.

They are also planning to operate the abattoir on this property later. This property also has the approval for generating electricity GAS power plant and Wind power plant which is on the planning stage.


9 January 2022 – Bersempena perayaan Tahun Baru Cina, rebut peluang berbelanja dengan bijak ! di kesemua platform online !

Tunggu apa lagi! Sementara stok masih ada!

1) Shopee : https://shopee.com.my/jomflavorista?shop=143239907&tab=1

2) OnPay


3) Lazada



9 January 2022 – Flavorista yang mengeluarkan barangan serbuk pracampur masakan malaysia (Malaysian dishes premix powder) telah menawarkan bermacam jenis serbuk pracampur malaysia yang di tawarkan kepada pembeli supaya mereka mudah memasak dan membuat hidangan dengan mudah cepat dan jimat.

Dapatkan product product flavorista dari supermarket, kedai kedai runcit berdekatan atau secara on line platforms. Cuba masakan dengan serbuk pracampur flavorista ia cepat dan mudah di masak seperti dihujung jari.




8 January 2022 –¬†Our butcher shop meatgrocer.com are having promotional meat products.
Nusantara Meat where you get Halal, Quality, Clean and Consumerble Meat products.
We will be opening our outlets at a few MRT stations in Klang Valley soon to provide better assesiblity to our customers.
You can go Online now or call us @ 0193293341 to purchase the product.



7 Januari 2022 – Our associate GOOD GLOVE and OPTUM MEDICAL has got approval and registration of all the standard requires for export to the European countries on the glove that are produce by their factory. They will start exporting soon




6 Januari 2022 – Our Rum Jungle Bachelor Abattoir in Northern Territory Australia is closed for slaughtering because of the wet seasons.

Nevertheless we are having 1500 heads of cattle on the farm for adjisment it is rented from the farm by a local cattle operator for life export.



5 Januari 2022 – Our associates Barokah Chicken Farm Banten Indonesia had problems with a virus which is happening in Indonesia, one of their barn had the attack and more than 22000 chicks died the other 5 barns chicks are healthy and being monitored by their veterinarian.





17 Disember 2021 – All our product in our Rum Jungle facilities were cleared yesterday.

We have cleared our freezer as the facilities in Rum Jungle will be closed for the wet season.



13 Disember 2021 – We stop operation of our Rum Jungle Abattoir Bachelor Darwin NT Australia on Thursday.

We will be closed for the rainy season 3 or 4 months depending on the weather. We cleared all our cold room and supply to our buyers both export and local from Friday and today.



9 Disember 2021 – Today our hotel at Langkawi Nadiah Hotel was given an award by the Malaysian Tourism Ministry as the best 3 Star Beach Hotel in Malaysia.

This is our 3rd year winning this award. Congratulations to the directors and the management of the hotel.



7 Disember 2021 – Toyyib Quality Meat.



6 Disember 2021 – Mr . Dollar

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Tetapi anda tahu tak, MR.DOLLAR masih mengekalkan harga tetap RM2 dan RM5 untuk memastikan anda mempunyai pengalaman membeli-belah yang hebat bersama kami!

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Many products are increasing in price this month. Guess what? MR.DOLLAR will maintain its price fixed at RM2 and RM5 to ensure you have a great shopping experience with us!

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6 Disember 2021 – Komai- So, Aeon .. Membeli belah produk keperluan masakan dan pek kopi dan teh tarik segera di outlet Komai-So!

Harga ‘flat-price’ yang lebih jimat dan berbaloi-baloi!



6 Disember 2021 –

Temui team Flavorista menyantuni para pelanggan setia kami di SABASUN HYPErRuncit Kijal Terengganu!

Dapatkan juga produk premix masakan, cooking stocks, sambal sensation & kopi dan teh tarik Flavorista di kesemua cawangan SABASUN yang lain juga ya!

Terima kasih!



2 Disember 2021 – Flavorista (M) Sdn Bhd menerima ‘New Supplier Award’ dari Lotus’s (formerly known as Tesco Malaysia) sebagai rakan niaga yang baharu.

Majlis disempurnakan oleh Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna.



26 November 2021 – Our Nusantara Meat new outlet at the putra heights MRT station known as MEAT GROCER. This outlet is to provide convenience to MRT users for their purchase of meat.

Nusantara is planing another 2 more outlets at 2 other MRT station.  Nusantara hope that this outlets will be accepted by the MRT users.

Nusantara Meat HALAL, QUALITY, CLEAN and CONSUMERBLE products.




18 November 2021 – Flavorista packaging in the warehouse the orders for Aeon Supermarket MARINATED CHICKEN PARTS using flavorista marination and precooked products recipes.

The product will be at Aeon Supermarket by Sunday to be introduced to the market. Its Halal, Clean, Consumerble and Quality.



15 November 2021 – Our Abbattior in Bachelor NT Australia Rum Jungle slaughtered buffaloes and cattle last week.

We export 3 containers to South Korea and 1 container to Japan. The Abbattior also fulfilled all the local Australian market requirements.




12 November 2021 – Our associates company Goodglove Industries Sdn Bhd is still running its line in the factory 24 hours.


8 November 2021 – Our abattoir in Bachelor Northern Territory Australia Rum Jungle has been slaughtering buffaloes and cattle for the last 3 week.

We have been exporting to Korea and also to fulfill the local demands.this week we will only slaughter buffaloes as to fulfill the customer’s order both locally and for export.




8 November 2021 – I visited our associates Glove factory which is in operation at Sendayan Negeri Sembilan.



22 October 2021 РHarley Riders Club Malaysia paying Nadia’s Hotel Langkawi a visit.



22 October 2021 – After Cleaning and Sanitizing the Koop our associates have taken the 58 grams chicks for fattening for the next cycle of 35 days.




21 October 2021 – Sanitation and cleaning at our associates chicken koop in Indonesia is being done before the next batch of chicks to be put in for the next cycle of 35 days.



17 October 2021 – This week the abattoir slaughtered 3 days cattle and 2 days buffaloes.

Four containers cattle meat for local orders and two containers for South Korea another two more containers of buffaloes meat for South Korea.



14 October 2021 – –

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13 October 2021 – Our associates Optum Medical Sdn Bhd staff checking on the nitrile and latex gloves before packing in the boxes.

They are packing for the local market under the JUARA Brand they hope to complete 100k by tomorrow.



12 October 2021 – Our associates GoodGloves Sdn Bhd new boxes for Indonesia,Germany and Middle East market.

Both for disposable gloves and examination gloves.



12 October 2021 – Today our associates Optum Medical Sdn Bhd is packing Gloves manually for a client on trial basis.once the packing is excepted the manufacturer will assign all their production to be pack by Optum.



10 October 2021 – Our facilities in Darwin NT Australia slaughtered 3 days cattle and 2 days Buffaloes. This week we export 2 containers to South Korea,1 container to Vietnam and 3 containers for the local Australian market.

We do bone in and also deboned meat as requested by the customers,we are flexible to our customers need .


3 October 2021 – Our Rum Jungle Abattoir, Bachelor, Darwin, Northern Territory last week was audited by the Australian Government Vet ATM and AUSMEAT.

We passed both audit. The abattoir slaughtered buffaloes for the whole week.They export 3 containers to South Korea and 3 containers for the local market.

The abattoir also tried cold bonning for a day kill but now we are back to hot bonning.





2 October 2021 – Some of the mature chicks are being sold in our associate chicken farm in Sadong Banten Indonesia.

They have also cleaned the koop and are preparing for new chicks to come in.



1 October 2021 – We are building a sterilization box for the slaughtered carcases in our Victoria Valley Abattoir Melbourne for the American market to make sure the meat is not contaminated by bacteria.

This sterilization process will ensure our product is clear of all bacteria.



30 Sept 2021 – Our associates chicken farm in Sadong Banten Indonesia is being filled with the next batch of chicks for the next 35 days cycle after all the other mature chicken being sold.

270 thousand chicks are in the chicken koop for the next cycle this cycle will be repeated and are following the fixed schedule of age and weight as required by the market.


27 Sept 2021 – Our associates Optum Medical Sdn Bhd boxes brand Juara.


26 Sept 2021 – This week the Abattoir in Northern Territory slaughtered Buffaloes. We export to Korea and America. Two containers were sold to local Australian market and 12 pallets were sold in Northern Territory Australia.


25 Sept 2021 – Our associates Optum Medical Sdn Bhd boxes for the European market.

23 Sept 2021 – Everyday 30 pickups waiting to collect chicken from our associates Barokah chicken farm in Sadong Banten Indonesia.

By tomorrow all the chicks which is of age 35 days will be sold to the market. The live weight averages at 1.5 kilos. After this the chicken koop will be clean and all the 6 koops will be filled up again with new chicks for the next cycle of 270 thousand chicks for 35 days.


20 Sept 2021 РOur Bachelor Rum Jungle Abbattior NT Australia slaughtered 4 days Buffaloes and 1 day Cattle this week. We export two containers to Korea and  four containers for the local market.





19 Sept 2021 – Our associates restaurant S’LASIH are promoting Malay Kampung Menu and also Indonesian Padang Food, they also do special order food for the customers as they have the main kitchen to provide the facilities and supply to customers Halal, Clean, Consumerble, Quality and at affordable prices call them at 014 511 4769 and try you would not regret it.



16 September 2021 – The two brands of Nitrile glove being marketed by our associate company Optum Medical Sdn Bhd.

Optum Brand is for the overseas market and Juara for the local market.





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14 Sept – Our associate today sold the first batch of the 35 days chicken that they breed in Sadong, Banten , Indonesia.

The chicken weight sold was between 1.3 to 1.5 kilos. The chicken maximum weight should not be more than 1.5 kilos in a cycle of 35 days.





12 September 2021 – Our Rum Jungle Abattoir in Darwin Northern Territory Australia was visited and audited by WAHA the Western Australia Halal Authority this week.

The audit when well, they are happy with our halal set up, with our electrical stunning program and our paper works. This week we slaughtered 5 days Buffaloes.

We export to Vietnam and 3 containers are for the local Australian customers.



12 September 2021 – Our associate company Optum Medical Sdn Bhd packing Nitrile Gloves at its facility. Contract packing for a brand in America.



7 September 2021 РOur associates Optum Medical one of the packing line is packing nitrile gloves for other brand for export to America.  This facilities will pack 1.6million boxes per month.

They have a contract to pack 6million boxes a month.  Apart from contract packing they are also packing Good Gloves product.


Kandang Nombor 5


Kandang Nombor 6 Hari Ke 5

Kandang Nombor 4 Hari ke 16.

The chicken farm no 4,5,6 in Sodong Banten, Indonesia. You can see the difference in sizes from different check in dates for the chicks .

Around 1 week gap between the farms
Mortality rate controlled.



5 September 2021 – Our Rum Jungle Abattoir Bachelor Northern Territory Australia facilities slaughtered 3 days Buffaloes and 2 days cattle.

They export 2 containers to Korea and 3 containers for the local Australian market. It is progressing well we hope to export to Indonesia and Malaysia soon.


5 September 2021 – Our Sadong Chicken Koop in Indonesia with the chicks growing very well according to our schedule.


3 September 2021 – Our Nusantara Meat is producing Wagyu Beef Buggers under the brand Flavourista for the klang valley market.

You can get this product from all Aeon outlets and other supermarkets in the klang valley area.


1 September 2021 – Our associates chicken koop in Sadong Indonesia took in another 45000 chicks tonight.

The first batch of 135000 chicks are growing very well and all the automated system in all the 6 koops are running very well.

They will be filling another batch of 90000 chicks by this week.


31 August 2021 РNusantara Meat Malaysia at our factory and our butcher shop in Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur is testing it’s Sausage machine.

Nusantara Meat hope the Sausages to be in commercial production in about a week’s time. Nusantara Meat apart from selling quality beef is also producing Quality, Halal, Clean and Consumerble Beef Pattie Burgers and soon Sausages into the Kuala Lumpur market under its brand NUSA Burgers and NUSA Sausages.

For the prime beef burgers using Wagyu Beef and Angus will be sold under Flavourista Brand.


30 August 2021 – Our new promotion for selected product Flavorista.






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29 August 2021 – Execellency Mr Paul Kirby the Australian minister visited our Rum Jungle Bachelor Abattoir in NT Australia.His execellency had the tour of our facilities and he is also looking at financial and promotion support for our facilities.

This week we slaughter 3 days Buffaloes and 2 days Cattle.  We export 1 container to Korea and 3 containers for the local market.

It was a busy and fruitful week we are slaughtering Halal Buffaloes Meat for the World.


28 August 2021 – Our associate companies Good Glove Sdn Bhd and Optum Medical Sdn Bhd are supplying Nitrile Gloves to the world. GG are the manufacturer of the gloves while Optum is the distributor.

Apart from distributing GG gloves Optum has also an Automated packing facilities which not only packing GG gloves they are also packing for their own brand and also brands of other clients. They are packing for the world.



28 August 2021 – Preparation for the chick farm in Sodong . New batch of chicks entering.


25 August 2021 РOur automated chicken koop Sodong Banten Indonesia is working well. the chicks are growing well.

It is all mechanised we have less personal handlers and the first week is the most vulnerable time, so far the mortality rate is less than 1%.


24 August 2021 РOur chicken Koop in operation in our Sadong Farm Banten Indonesia.


22 August 2021 – Our Bachelor Abbattior Darwin NT Australia slaughter 4 days Buffaloes and 1 day cattle.

We export 2 containers to South Korea this week and the rest of the production was for the local Australian market.



21 August 2021 – We started filling up the chicken barns of 45,000 one week old chicks each barn and we filled up 3 barns for fattening for 35 days.

Our associate company in Bantan Sodong West Java PT Barokah Bersaudara Utama is running the operations.

Once it is in fully operational we will have 250000 chicks to be fatten for 35 days each cycle before we sell it into the market as fresh chicken for slaughter.



13 August 2021 – Frozen meat from our Victoria Valley Abattoir, Melborne, Australia loading Halah meat for Nusantara Meat Malaysia.

Nusantara Meat Malaysia only imports Halal, Quality, Clean and Consumerble meats from it’s owned Tadmansori facilities in Australia for the Malaysian market.



9 August 2021 – We have soughted out all the teething problems in our Tayyib International Abattoir in Somaliland Africa and all our other facilities are ready to supply the world with Halal, Clean and Consumable cattle, goats and camel.


8 August 2021 – Our Rum Jungle Bachelor Darwin Northern Territory abattoir slaughter Buffaloes the whole week both for local and export markets.



Hypermarket And Superstore In Malaysia | TF Value Mart

6 August 2021 – Dapatkan produk terpilih Flavorista di semua 37 buah outlet pasaraya TF Value Mart seluruh negara!

Hypermarket And Superstore In Malaysia | TF Value Mart


4 August 2021 РWe tested the Australian freezer compressor at our facility in Taiyob Abattoir in Somaliland Africa it’s working well.

The temperature is kept as what we expected and the product was good. We did a few test and we will run it again with another batch of slaughtered goats.

Insyallah we will maintain the standard for our export to the Middle East.


3 August 2021 – Central Agri Group, Rum Jungle free range buffalo.



31 July 2021 – Our Victoria Valley Abattoir did Qurban for eid Adha as requested by the foundation of human aids we slaughter more than 500 heads for the foundation and individuals which requested us to do for Qurban Syukur Alhamdulilaah we manage it accordingly to Muslim rite.


25 July 2021 РApart from our daily schedule slaughter of Cattle and Buffalo we did slaughter 13 heads for Eid Quran for our Darwin Muslim society.

This is the first time we undertook to slaughter Qurban. we export 2 containers to Japan this week and we supplied to domestic market to WA, SA, Victoria and our Domestic customers in Darwin.



18 July 2021 – Our bachelor rum jungle abattoir NT Australia slaughter for five days this week. Three days cattle and two days buffaloes.

We have started boxing the meats for our customers after full checking by the Australian Authorities in Darwin Australia.


15 Julai 2021 – Flavorista sedang mencari agen untuk produk-produk keluaran Flavorista. Daftar di link dibawah.




15 Julai 2021 – Dapatkan Produk Flavorista di link seperti dibawah.

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*1) Shopee :*


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11 July 2021 – Rum Jungle Abattoir, Bachelor, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia first week of operations went smooth even tho we need to train our new intake. We also had a American Embassy officer to visit the abattoir as we are listed for export to America.
We brief him of our operations and took him for a tour of our facilities, he was impressed and we did asked him to assist us for the American market.



6 July 2021 РSecond day of slaughtering buffaloes in our Rum Jungle Abattoir Northern Territory Australia. We use electical stunning for the buffaloes before slaughter a system developed by us as mark green it’s working well.



5 July 2021 – The Halal slaughter of Buffaloes in our Bachelor Rum Jungles abattoir when well today even it was closed for 7 months due to the pandemic Covid19.

Congratulations to the Bachelor team keep it up as Buffaloes are not easy to slaughter as they are wild animals in the Northern Territory of Australia.



4 July 2021 –¬†Our bachelor NT Rum Jungle starts tomorrow after 7 months of shut down we hope with the killing of Buffaloes tomorrow Bachelor NT Rum Jungle abattoir will assist our group to strive.

Tomorrow will be our first day kill for this season.

Our business module will start with buffalo and along the way as the cattle price drop we will do cattle.  200 buffaloes already on site

Been preparing the place , hooks, refrigeration, vet officer, staffing , licensing. Everything InsyAllah looking all good.

May we have a good and fruitful season here in batchelor .


26 May 2021 – Our Flavorista family! Working during the holidays to make sure delivery is on time as demands is increasing


25 May 2021 – Take it for a date at Komai-so!

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KEPAKARAN pelajar program pendidikan dan latihan diperlukan dalam kebanyakan urusan perniagaan seharian.

PROGRAM Pendidikan dan Latihan Teknikal dan Vokasional (TVET) pilihan kedua?

Ramai yang beranggapan ia adalah pilihan kedua, namun hakikatnya program pendidikan dan latihan ini mempunyai kelas tersendiri.

Selain proses pendidikannya lebih menuju arah industri yang memerlukan tenaga kerja terlatih serta berkemahiran tinggi, namun peluang kerjaya yang boleh diceburi juga lebih meluas.

Pengarah Urusan Flavorista (M) Sdn Bhd, Norisham Baharin, 32, berkata, setiap individu mempunyai kecenderungan masing-masing dan indikasi kejayaan itu berbeza.

Menurutnya, ada yang mengatakan memegang jawatan profesional seperti doktor atau peguam itu berjaya. Begitu juga menjadi artis.

“Bagi saya ada orang kecenderungannya lebih kepada teknikal dan vokasional. Jadi, itu adalah indikasi kepada kejayaannya. Minatnya yang mendalam kepada kemahiran.

MINAT mendalam melakukan perkara baharu dorong Norisham guna kemahiran dan bangunkan kilang perusahaan makanan dan minuman.
MINAT mendalam melakukan perkara baharu dorong Norisham guna kemahiran dan bangunkan kilang perusahaan makanan dan minuman.

“Jadi, tiada istilah ‘double standard’ atau pilihan kedua untuk bidang TVET ini,” katanya.

TVET ini kata Norisham, sesiapa menguasai bidang kemahiran, ia lebih dekat kepada perniagaan.

Melanjutkan pengajian Diploma Teknologi Makanan Pengurusan Halal di Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah pada 2007, Norisham mengakui memilih program TVET kerana minatnya kepada perniagaan.

“Setiap kemahiran yang diperoleh pelajar adalah berbeza mengikut kepada kursus yang diikuti.

“Namun kepakaran pelajar TVET sebenarnya diperlukan dalam kebanyakan urusan perniagaan seharian.

“Jadi, kita boleh menggunakan skil yang ada dan melabur dalam benda yang baharu mengikut peredaran teknologi,” katanya yang menceburi bidang perniagaan selepas menyedari bakat pelajar TVET boleh dijadikan sebagai perniagaan ketika bekerja di Sime Darby dalam bahagian penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) dan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

“Saya juga minat untuk melakukan benda baharu. Alhamdulillah, dengan kemahiran dan ilmu yang ada, saya bangunkan kilang perusahaan makanan dan melabur dalam menghasilkan ‘benda’ baharu dalam masakan serta minuman,” tambahnya.

Seperti sesetengah pelajar lain, keputusan mengikuti kursus TVET turut dipertikaikan.

Menitipkan nasihat buat masyarakat di luar sana yang mungkin berasakan TVET ini pilihan kedua, Norisham berkata, bidang ilmu, kedudukan ilmu itu sangat luas.

IMRAN melakukan kerja membaiki motosikal.
IMRAN melakukan kerja membaiki motosikal.

“Kita tak boleh memperkecilkan kedudukan ilmu itu pada tangga kelulusan seperti sijil, diploma dan ijazah.

“Ia memang betul tangga pendidikan itu penting menentukan tahap individu itu, tetapi sebenarnya kalau kita tak pakai ilmu yang kita ada walaupun ada ijazah doktor falsafah (PhD), kita tidak boleh menyumbang apa-apa kepada masyarakat pun sebenarnya.

“Jadi, bagi pelajar di luar sana, jangan teragak-agak untuk mengambil TVET ini kerana apa yang dipelajari di kolej berbeza kerana ia lebih kepada kemahiran dan latihan,” katanya.

Sementara itu, bagi pelajar Kolej Komuniti, Imran Abdul Rahman, 22, berkata, bidang kemahiran atau TVET ini bukan pilihan kedua sebaliknya ia mempunyai kelas tersendiri.

Menurutnya, dia memilih untuk menyambung pengajian di Kolej Komuniti Bagan Datuk dalam Kursus Sijil Penyenggaraan Motosikal (Berkuasa Tinggi) bukan kerana tiada pilihan, tetapi minatnya terhadap automotif dan teknikal terutama yang membabitkan motosikal.

“Ketika memutuskan untuk mengikuti kursus penyelenggaraan motosikal berkuasa tinggi di peringkat sijil, ada rakan-rakan yang mempertikai kenapa memilik kurus itu sedangkan saya boleh mengambil kursus dalam bidang akademik di peringkat yang lebih tinggi.

“Namun pada saya, apa yang lebih utama adalah minat. Apabila kita minat, kita akan lebih fokus dan berjaya,” katanya yang kini bekerja sebagai juruteknik di Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya.

Mengulas mengenai kemahiran berbanding bidang akademik, kata Imran, kursus yang membabitkan kemahiran ini cukup memberikan ilmu yang lebih mendalam buat pelajar kerana pembelajarannya lebih kepada amali.

“Kalau bidang akademik, pembelajarannya lebih kepada teori berbanding kemahiran yang lebih memfokuskan kepada latihan amali. Jadi, ia memudahkan pelajar memahami secara terus apa yang dipelajari.

“Kemahiran juga bukan untuk orang bodoh, tetapi lebih kepada mereka yang inginkan kemahiran yang boleh memberi mereka nilai tambah. Ilmu kemahiran yang diperoleh juga boleh berkembang dan kekal sehingga bila-bila,” katanya.

“Selain itu, tidak semua graduan dalam bidang akademik mendapat pekerjaan sama seperti kelulusan mereka, tetapi dengan kemahiran, peluang itu lebih meluas dan boleh membawa seseorang itu pergi jauh,” tambahnya.

Sudah bekerja hampir tiga tahun, Imran akui pengetahuan dalam bidang membaiki motosikal berkuasa tinggi ini semakin bertambah.

Menurutnya, apa yang dia pelajari di kolej dulu hanya 30 peratus, tetapi apabila sudah bekerja, ilmu itu setiap masa bertambah.


19 May 2021 – Today we have launched our new website for Meatgrocer.com

This new (version 3) website has more information about our credentials, more product offerings, more promo set, our company news, news about meat-related, and many more.

This is part of our customer retention strategy plan by increasing our online store experience a good one, better than our competitors. Hope you’ll like it too.

PS: For the best experience, browse the website using a notebook/desktop


18 May 2021 – Flavorista products in 46 outlets Segi Fresh Market all over Malaysia.


4 May 2021 – Tayyib Quality Meat promo video.

14 April 2021 – Recently Tabung Haji officials visited our catering company food preparation center and packaging in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.



11 April 2021 РOur Vic Valley expention and up grading are completed. We even put our own box packages to cut cost and our plate freezers expention is also completed with this new expention we can deep freeze 700 boxes of trimmings especially for our MacDonalds orders.


8 April 2021 – Our Brunswick small goods processing for Australian and overseas market.



22 March 2021 – Nusantara meat sedang menyediakan pesanan daging-daging lembu yang sudah disembelih untuk kegunaan pada bulan Ramadhan pada bulan hadapan.


19 March 2021 РMelihat daging tempatan yang telah disembelih dan membuat aging, lembu dari Risda dari kajian yang dilakukan oleh Nusantara Meat daging-daging lepas aging kualitinya baik.

Insyallah akan bincang dengan Risda cara ke hadapan, selain dari itu telah melihat daging-daging yang di bungkus untuk OEM semuanya berjalan dengan baik jaga kebersihan halal dan jaga kualiti.

















5 March 2021 – Get our product “Gippsland Pure – Angus Beef Burger” at https://tasfresh.com.au/no-frills-foodmarket


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Profile Dec. 2020



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profile 2021 arabic



23 Januari 2021 – The slaughter house in Somaliland with our new blast freezer and the halal certified by the Somaliland and the UAE halal government certification for export.


13 Januari 2021 –¬†Hari ini pegawai-pegawai Risda, Felcra dan supermarket AEON membuat lawatan ke NUSANTARA MEAT BERHAD di Mukim Batu Kuala Lumpur untuk melihat sendiri kemudahan yang ada untuk DEBONING di Nusantara dan kapasiti yang boleh di sediakan untuk keperluan mereka. Mereka amat kagom dengan facilities yang ada di Nusantara.



12 Januari 2021 – These are the 3 products which we will start supply to COLES halal store in Victoria from March than we will supply to 600 COLES store in Australia nationwide.

We are waiting presentation to ALDI because of Covid19 we can only do it in March.


28 Disember 2020 – Rack rack on the wall, what’s the best seasoning among all?

It’s #Flavorista! Grab yours now at #KKSUPERMART to make your special plates easy as 1-2-3. With 4 variety of your favourite flavor at only RM4.90 each!

#BlackPepper #AglioOlio #BBQ #SaltedEgg


24 Disember 2020 РDont Forget to visit : https://www.daganghalal.com/Company/nusantara_meat_berhad_25143



23 Disember 2020 – For sure Halal, Healthty, Consumerble Clean and trustworthy buy your meat here.






Batchelor abattoir celebrates first 12 months of production

The Batchelor abattoir has completed its last day of processing for 2020, and has entered a shut down period for the wet season.

The abattoir was mothballed back in 2003, but has now been going for 12 months after being brought back to life by the company Central Agri Group.

Speaking to ABC Rural, the group’s general manager Johnnie Dechiera, said the Batchelor abattoir processed around 14,000 head of cattle and 6,000 head of buffalo this year.

He said pending on the wet season, the abattoir would resume processing in February.

“The last 12 months hasn’t been without its challenges, but we’ve learnt a lot and achieved some significant milestones,” he said.

“We’re going to work hard to continue establishing further market access for our beef and buffalo products next year, and maintain our 150 to 160 head [processed] per day.”




10 Disember 2020 – Get a Flavorista product thru Shopee and Lazada platform.




6 Disember 2020 –¬†Flavourista will introduce new products for its Just a Snap cooking ingredients and it‚Äôs beverage products in the market soon.

The beverage will be arabisco coffee one in one, coffee 2 in 1 and our original Teh Tarik, try it,it’s halal , clean, consumable and trustworthy.



25 November 2020 – Business meeting for export market with China companies organised by HDC and Matrade.

Flavorista was selected as one of the seller.

Tomorrow will be virtual meeting with two potential importer from China.



21 November 2020 – Promoting our products by Flavorista in supermarkets the response was overwhelming its Halal Clean Consumable and affordable try it . Cook with just a snap.

12 November 2020 – Our Brunswick small goods factory in Melbourne is supplying to Nippon Steel Kitchen Japan with Tongue, Tail, Cheek, Thick and Thin Skirt Offals.

We are also trying to win to supply them Angus if we can supply this it is beautiful.

We start using our Skin Pack machines for this supply as our skin pack are yielding up to 65 days as fresh chilled meat.



12 November 2020 – Flavorista Big Sale “Special Offer” ¬†for every purchase of Flavorista products at Aeon and Aeon MaxValu Prime. ¬†Hurry up get it now.


11 November 2020 – Flavorista Premium Homestyle Beef Burger dan Wagyu Beef Burger boleh di dapati di Evo Mall, Bandar Baru Bangi.. Jom warga Bangi “Kita Try”.


9 November 2020 –

Rakaman dari RTM bagi rancangan Mahir Hidup TV1

Memberi liputan produk dan pembangunan Flavorista dalam industri makanan Malaysia.



7 November 2020 Р Nusantara Meat Berhad and Flavorista goes    Online to facilitate customers to purchase their meat requirements and will deliver to them with a minimum charge for delivery.



4 November 2020 – Flavorista Promo Video


3 November 2020 –¬†Nusantara Meat Berhad have combo sales pack for customers. It started to attract customers with this package. Order your combo packs it will be delivered to you.

Nusantara Meat Berhad under the brand Flavorista try it enjoy Quality,Clean,Halal and Consumable products. Get it you will love it.



2 November 2020 РNusantara Meat Berhad introduce Shabu-shabu meat  a part from minced meat and also lamb for local market customer.



1 November 2020 – “Rasa nya enak. Dan Uncle rasa, lebih enak dari Slasih the second time Uncle makan.¬†
Ketebalan anggaran 1cm amat memadai, tak lebih tak kurang, bak kata omputih just nice. Boleh makan lebih.
Uncle layan perap bbq lebih kerana pada Uncle rasa nya lebih, perisa blackpepper sedap juga tapi boleh ditambah perisa bagi lebih meletoppp.
Uncle jarang makan kambing tanpa sos cili (maaf uncle hantu sos), tapi yang ni Uncle berjaya makan almost separuh tanpa sos cili.
Kena part favourite yg lemak tu, fuhhhh rasa dia deep lagi. Sehingga hampir nak gaduh dengan anaknya pasal anaknya hantu lemak.
Dengan ini Uncle beri 4.5 daripada 5.
terima kasih pada my niece nya atas sudi memberi Uncle sekeluarga merasa kenikmatannya.”

“Tried for the first time last night, I was so delighted and happy !

I opted to slow-cooked it to perfection. Lamb was juicy, succulent, and flavorful. The cuts of lamb were naturally tender, so I didnt even need to do much to them to create a stellar main dish.

The marination of lamb was perfect ! What a great way to infuse extra flavor into the meat , which was correctly seasoned with bold spices counterbalance lamb’s natural gamey flavors. I didnt need to follow any recipe, either. And the best part is most herbs and spices work well with lamb, so we can also have some fun and play around with mixing together our own flavorful blend !

Another point to share, the best way to ensure the lamb stays juicy and moist is to keep it from reaching those well-done temperatures while cooking.

Also absolutely crucial to let meat rest after cooking. As when meat cooks, the proteins and fibers inside the meat seize up, release moisture, and become firm.
So during the resting time, those fibers can relax, reabsorbing the moisture they expelled during the cooking process. If we cut into our lamb straight away, those juices would spill out

I also opted for complementary flavors that made the lamb’s pastoral flavour more palatable ( and it’s also a good way to cover up accidentally overcooked meat ).

These sauces have many variations that can be a good fit for the lamb.

We can also get inspired by global cuisine when choosing a sauce for lamb. I opted for chimichurri from Argentina, Mediterranean mint sauce, and Middle Eastern yogurt-based Garlic Sauce.

No matter what you choose, just make sure it matches the flavor profile of the spices used during the marinade process.

Thank you so much Nusantara Meat and Flavorista for excellence !
Congratulations ! My family and I are excited to explore more of your products !”

Ministry of Finance

Succulent and tender , one of the best Ive ever tasted.
The lambs in Australia are raised in large enclosures, normally slaughtered around the age of 12 months. This means that the meat offers a richer taste with a more intense marbling.

Will definitely making my daughters to cook more for me.

Congratulations Nusantara Meat and Flavorista !

Datuk Dr Zaini
Tokoh Patologi Negara


30 October 2020 – Nusantara Meat Berhad products brand under FLAVOURISTA getting reviews and comments from customers. We need feed back to improve as we are producing Quality, Clean, Consumable, Halal meat products.

We are educating the public to buy products which will not harm them where some products the meat content is less than 10% the manufacturers put in lots of fillers which is harmful to human health.







“Nana just cooked she says sedap”


“Bought at my neighbor new freshmart”



“Very nice”



29 October 2020 РOur small goods factory in Brunswick Melbourne Australia is producing shabu shabu cuts for Dairy Farm Singapore.

29 October 2020 – Our Rum Jungle Abattoir now listed for Vietnam. We will start exporting our products from Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia soon.

29 October 2020 – Feedback daripada pengguna yang membeli Wagyu Beef Burger berpuas hati dengan produk Flavorista ” Wagyu Chef’s Choice” yang sudah mula berada di pasaraya terkemuka.


28 October 2020 – Slaughtering goats at our Tayyib Burao Abattoir, Somaliland Africa. The animals slaughter is for the Middle East Market,(Dubai and Oman),our abattoir can also slaughter cattle, sheep and camel which is approve by the government of Somaliland.


We already obtained Halal certification from Somaliland Government, We also have Halal certification from Dubai and Oman. We are now waiting for approval from Malaysian and Indonesian Authorities for us to export our meat products into this markets.


Both countries are looking for food security and also for a better price comparing meat products from other countries which they are being imported into Malaysia and Indonesia,  This will be another alternative for the people of both countries to get meat for their protein requirements at affordable prices. The products is from a Muslim Country, Insyallah we hope to introduce our meat products in both countries soon. The abattoir is Malaysian Muslim owned.


27 October 2020 – Flavourista doing its stock check in the factory. We are introducing a new business plan. We will look at the market demand of our products for consumer retail shops and market, mini markets,super markets and also our bulk buyers.


We are producing Quality. Halal, Clean and Consumerble product.


27 October 2020 – Central Agri Group Australia is working with Cold Storage Singapore to produce cut meat and small goods under their brand DAIRY FARM for Singapore market.


25 October 2020 –¬†Tayyib Burau Abattoir Somaliland Africa operations is running well after the repair on the cold room facilities.


24 October 2020 – We started slaughtering goats yesterday for export in our Africa Somaliland Burau Abattoir.

The slaughtering started after our cold room facilities which had some problems were fully functioning again.


22 October 2020 РThe new reefer for our cold room facilities in Taiyob Burau Somaliland Abattoir being commissioned. This will assist our productivity to deep freeze the goats which we are slaughtering for export Insyallah.


20 October 2020 РOur Brunswick small goods factory Melbourne Australia is packing skin pack and sleeve pack for Dairy Farm Singapore. This product will be marketed in Singapore and Indonesia.


18 October 2020 – A new menu @Mr Biryani KL



17 October 2020 Рwhen it come to Rum Jungle Beef Burgers we keep it simple. Our burgers are produced using the finest Australian beef from 100% free range cattle which are rare and raised on stunning landscapes of the Northern Territory in a natural grassland environment, allowing us to produce healthy, tasty, free range beef burgers filled with flavour.

Get your Rum Jungle Burgers from Nusantara Meat Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


16 October 2020 – More products by Nusantara Meat Berhad under Flavorista Brand will be available at supermarkets or call for home delivery.

We are in Selected premium outlet for Aeon Max Valu Prime and Village Grocer.


15 October 2020 – Nusantara Meat Berhad a new product Flavorista “Wagyu Chef‚Äôs Choice Beef Burger”.



14 October 2020 – Nusantara Meat Berhad Malaysia today introduce a new product Flavorista “Wagyu Chef‚Äôs Choice Beef Burger” to be marketed in supermarkets

This is a premium Halal Beef Burger which will give consumer choice. The beef burger is made using Wagyu beef only.


9 October 2020 – Rum Jungle Beef Burger and Gippsland Beef Burger now available at @teksuperstore Australia. There is a competition where customer can follow @ausfed for entry details. Customer can win 1 of 5 boxes beef burger patties. Check this out and win.

Feel Well Fed With AUSFED. All The Best.


7 October 2020 –¬†Our Chief Operating Office in Saudi Arabia Dato Wira Sheikh Abdul Halim AlKathiri visited the council general office of Negara Brunei, our friendly nation to promote our kitchen food supply for UMRAH n HAJ to their jemaah.

7 October 2020 РCoffee Classic Flavorista being pack for a special order coffee arabica with no artificial ingredients all natural enjoy it with a reasonable price. Check the ingredients before you purchase your 3 in 1 coffee make sure it’s healthy clean and consumable.


7 October 2020 – Flavorista Road Show


7 October 2020 РA new packing which was required by COSTCO outlets done by our small goods factory in Brunswick Melbourne Australia. Its in the supermarket for family pack purchases.


3 Oktober 2020 – Saya, Dato Hasbi bersama staff Flavorista mengadakan mesyuarat merubah business modal untuk kebaikan syarikat kerana selama 2 tahun business modal lama tidak boleh di guna pakai.
Stratagi baru akan di kenalkan kerena kita menghadapi bermacam macam kesulitan khususannya market penetration banyak yang kena sabotaged kerena ini perusahaan ini milik Melayu Islam.
Rantaian agihan bukan milik Melayu jadi bermacam macam masallah di hadapi walaunpun produk yang di keluar baik dan mendapat sambutan.in reality this is the problem Bumiputra Businesses we are facing sabotage by certain competitors and also outlets.


3 October 2020 – Pre launch road show for our cooking stocks. (chicken,anchovy,beef stock) mendapat sambutan yang amat baik.

Dijangka pertengahan bulan Oktober produk berkenaan akan diedarkan ke seluruh Aeon Malaysia.

*Aeon Co* – 32 outlets
*Aeon Max Valu Prime* – 10 outlets
*Aeon Big* – 22 outlets


30 September 2020 – The Hajj Consult In Malaysia visited The Diamond Fork Catering and Food Kitchen.


5 September 2020 Р Meeting with management team of Flavorista and Nusantara Meats as has been instructed by the main shareholder that our operation companies need a new business model in order for us to survive.

We need to look deep in the business model so that we can be competitive and comparable with our competitors product.


5 September 2020 Р A Restaurant in Northern Territory Australia which buy our products from our abattoir in Rum Jungle Batchelor put Rum Jungle product on their menu and our buffalo meat. This made us to feel proud and this product are halal.


29 August 2020 Р This morning we fill in the first chicken coup at our farm in Banten Farm Indonesia,the first batch of 45 thousand chicks for breeding production will be ready for selling in 35 days.

In this farm we have 12 coups and hope to fill in 540 thousand chicks by end of September Insyallah.



27 Ogos 2020 – Hari ini pertemuan bersama Datuk Seri K K iaitu pengasas KK Mart rangkaian kedai 24 Jam. Flavorista akan teruskan proses pendaftaran produk untuk masuk ke KK Super Mart hasil pertemuan ini.


18 August 2020 – Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor melawat ke kilang Flavorista di Kawasan Perindustrian Meranti.


9 August 2020 – New look of Flavourista cooking stocks will be in the market soon.


9 August 2020 – Discussion on progress Wagyu & Premium Beef Burger at Nusantara


4 August 2020 – A new variety product of Flavorista.

2 August 2020 РOur Batchelor Abattoir Rum Jungle in NT Darwin export buffaloes full carcass and 4 quarters to the Philippine and Papua on Saturday. We also export and sold locally bone in and debone buffalo meat to the local and export market. We hope to export to other markets soon.


1 August 2020 Р Penyembelihan Korban di Victoria Valley Abattoir Trafagal Victoria Australia the first 200 heads of Qurban are for a Turkish foundation MEC, we are packing in 3kg packs for export to Indonesia on Tuesday.

Then the next 250 head is for Human Appeal which is going to a cannery in Brunei to be canned for the Middle east.


31 JULY 2020 РOur Victoria Valley Abattoir Trafagal Victoria undertake today korban for Human Appeal Qurban Project. We slaughter today 200 heads and tomorrow another 200 heads. The meat will be debone pack and send to them for distributions.

27 JULY 2020 – Saya telah minta pengurusan Flavourista untuk berjumpa dengan saya dan memberi taklimat terhadap produk produk baru keluaran kilang dan respon pasaran terhadap keluaran baru dan juga taklimat terhadap pasaran keluaran semua produk yang di keluarkan.


26 JULY 2020 – A new sensation and taste of Flavorista flavor fiesta promotion.


23 July 2020 – Today across Western Australia we held in store cooking demonstrations throughout the local spud shed supermarket stores.

We would like to take this chance to thank the Spud Shed team for all their efforts into making this happen & the local community of WA for all the positive feedback regarding our free range burgers.



21 JULY 2020 РS’lasih Padang and Asian Cuisine will be open on the 1st August on the 3rd floor Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC Bangsar) .


20 JULY 2020 РS’lasih Padang and Asian Cuisine telah di buka di Putrajaya Persint 15. Restaurant ini menyediakan makanan Padang, makanan Melayu Malaysia dan makanan Barat, konsep yang baru untuk pelanggan menjamu selera.

18 JULY 2020 – Our RUM JUNGLE halal Beef Burger are selling well in one of Western Australia groceries Spud Shed they have 13 stores.


They have sold 3tons of RUM JUNGLE halal Beef Burgers. Very soon RUM JUNGLE Halal Beef Burgers will be sold in ALDI, COLES and WOOLWORTHS stores all over Australia. This brand is accepted by the Australian market.


10 JULY 2020 – Our Batchelor Abattoir NT is sending the first container of carcass of slaughter buffaloes to the Philippine.


3 July 2020 – Hari ini, Natrabu Putrajaya telah bertukar nama kepada D’Slasih Asian Cuisine. Dengan penjenamaan semula ini Restoran D’Slasih menawarkan pelbagai jenis variaty makanan dan minuman mengikut citarasa rakyat Malaysia. Bukan saja menawarkan masakan Padang, malah pelbagai pilihan makanan tempatan yang menjadi kesukaan pengunjung ke Restoran D’Slasih Asian Cuisine di G66, Jalan Perak P15 Presint Diplomatik, Putrajaya.


3 JULY 2020 – Rum Jungle Abattoir in NT have got the United States America clearance for buffalo meat export to the U.S.A market .This week we are sending our first container to our U.S.A buyer. Insyallah we will be sending more containers to the U.S.A market in weeks to come and we hope to be able to sell trimmings into the U.S.A market.



27 June 2020 Р Flavorista products now on display at major supermarkets and stores for sale. Another product for Malaysian by a Malaysian company to ease your cooking and consumer needs.

25 June 2020 – One of our subsidiary companies director was appointed as one of the advisers for food industry MOA by the Minister Of Agriculture Malaysia. Congratulation Dato Seri Irmohizam Ibrahim.


21 JUNE 2020 – Four containers of meat mill from our rendering plant RUM JUNGLE NT Australia was exported to Taiwan. This is the first shipment as we have implemented a no waste system in this abattoir.

16 June 2020 – The first dry containers of Meat and Bone Meal from Rum Jungle Rendering Export to Taiwan

8 June 2020 – Our goats in our abattoir in Somaliland being inspected and certified before we pack for export. We are exporting to Oman and soon to the other middle Eastern Countries.



3 June 2020 – Australian Meat Auditors were inspecting our meat cuts today at our Batchelor Abattoir. Austraia is very strict with the meat industry they come and check all the meat works everytime to ensure quality

1 June 2020 РFirst batch of 58 tons of Fetel Blood being ship out from our bachelor abattoir to Graincrop locally.  We will soon export to Taiwan once we get the Australian accreditation.


22 Mei 2020 – Antara produk keluaran Flavorista yang sudah berada di pasaran.